What our clients say...

"I am 60+ year old woman with a prior history of cervical spine fusion surgery and suffer from chronic nerve pain..."

"I am 60+ year old woman with a prior history of cervical spine fusion surgery and suffer from chronic nerve pain. About four years ago, I was also diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. At that time, the activities I performed in my home and with my family had been significantly reduced due to chronic pain and I was not exercising at all. I talked with my doctor about treatment options to help combat a worsening of the disease and decided that pilates would be my regular form of exercise. Over the last 10 years, I had tried pilates but never committed to it. However, the prognosis for “untreated” osteoporosis was not pleasant so I knew I needed to do something different. To be effective, I needed to commit to a program of two or three private pilates sessions per week. So I set out to do this and contacted Jodi Melton at the Villages DC Ranch Village Health Club." 

"I have used several instructors over the years but none has worked as hard to address my individual needs as has Jodi Melton. Jodi is extremely knowledgable about Pilates, but also about the body and its complexities. Jodi is hands down the best pilates instructor I have encountered."

"When I first started sessions with Jodi, she took considerable time to understand both my medical conditions and their effects on my muscular state.  She was careful during the first several sessions to not have me overexert myself and yet had me achieve stretches that I thought my body could no longer do.  She listened to my concerns and watched my movements carefully, constantly adjusting my body so that I would perform the exercises optimally and correctly.  Within a few weeks I felt considerably stronger and the aches I felt prior to starting Pilates were considerably better.  As I continue my private sessions, I have een astounded by the variety of exercises Jodi has me perform. I never get bored and my sessions remain exciting and rewarding.  On another note, Jodi is personable and genuine and has an overwhelmingly positive disposition.  As such, I feel a renewed sense of strength and energy that I have not felt for years.  I¹m very thankful to have Jodi as a teacher for helping to get me back into good health."

"Pilates has become a very important tool for me and Jodi Melton has taught me how to use it."

Debi Benton